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Q&A with Co-Founder Adeel Yang

When did you start playing golf?

I have only been playing golf for two years, but I am OBSESSED with the game. People in-the-know appropriately call it “the bug”. Much like the entrepreneurial bug that bit me about a decade ago, the golf bug is REAL.

I first got into the game because of my younger brother, with whom I have always had this ultra-competitive rivalry. When he started getting good at golf, I could not stand the thought of being worse than him – at anything. I knew I had to catch up, quickly. Unfortunately, learning golf as a thirty-three-year-old proved difficult.

So how did you learn golf?

Like many, I tried teaching myself, which in retrospect, was a terrible idea. I watched endless videos online, visited the driving range daily, and bought more clubs than I needed. I was making progress, but also developing bad habits due to my stubbornness in delaying proper coaching. I started getting golfer’s elbow, shoulder pain, and back pain, which nearly broke my spirit as I started questioning whether golf was really the right sport for me.

In July 2019, I sold my company and after a small break from golf, I decided to give it another try. This time I paid for coaching. It was a game changer. Turned out I was holding the club wrong and my posture and swing mechanics were all out of whack.

Where did the idea for Dryvebox come from?

Through coaching I was exposed to indoor simulators, which blew my mind – the stats, instant video feedback, and unlimited balls. That was it. I had found my path to getting an edge over my brother.

After researching, I decided that I wanted a Trackman in my home. Yes, it was pricey, but beating my brother was worth every penny. Unfortunately, my wife was adamantly against the idea, considering that we lived in San Francisco, sacrificing a whole room just for golf made zero sense to her. She was probably right. Half-jokingly, I said what if I could fit the simulator inside a trailer? I would be out of the house, I could drive it around to other folks who wanted to use it, and it could even be a neat business.

It’s like my golf bug and my entrepreneurial bug mated and produced a superbug. I could not stop thinking about this idea. Why is this product not available? This could make golf so much better for so many people. The truth is high quality simulation, equipment, and coaching can be expensive and difficult to access. Golf is an amazing sport that goes beyond just hitting golf balls — it teaches us about patience, composure, confidence, and sportsmanship. Golf should be more accessible to the world, with people from all walks of life and communities.

How did you meet your cofounders?

I met Mike through eBay and Jake through coaching. When I was looking for a Trackman for the prototype Box, I found Mike selling his Trackman 4 on eBay. We met at a range in San Jose to test out the equipment before exchanging money. Through casual convo, I found out he was a software engineer at Uber and an ex-pro golfer. It was like destiny – I felt like I had found the perfect technical cofounder. We went on a few coffee dates and the passion for the business grew. We decided to take the leap together. As we began testing the prototype, we knew we needed a strong golf coach on the team. Mike knew about Jake through IG, and we decided that I should go take a lesson with Jake to get to know him. I remember ten minutes into the lesson, I just knew he was THE guy. He was not only an incredible coach but a super authentic golf zealot with a unique personality. We invited Jake to check out our prototype and pitched him on our vision through a round of golf. He shared our passion for growing the game, and there was this amazing cultural fit. Sometimes things are just meant to be.

What is your vision?

It is the year 2025 and we have created a community with millions of golfers from beginners to pros all around the world who are using our Boxes regularly to learn and improve their game, connecting with coaches or one another, and making golf part of their lifestyle.

We see tens of thousands of Dryveboxes mobilized around the world, offering a wide variety of high-quality golf and entertainment experiences.

We see our brand becoming a household name in the world of golf and sports. We are sponsoring PGA events, making appearances in the media, and getting more people into the game. We hear people say “if you want to get into golf, you need to get a Dryvebox”

We are also the best company for golf coaches to build an exciting and financially rewarding career.